The villages of Loum, Penja, Njombe and Mbanga are located in the region of Moungo.  Africa Edusa is implementing a community development program in these areas as children in these areas are having a hard time. Drinking water is polluted, health care services are lacking and malnutrition is very common. Because of poverty and lack of education, children grow up in a very difficult situation. Child marriages for example are very common. many men marry more than one women. As a result, unhealthy and broken families are very common. Due to lack of work and education opportunities, there are little future prospects for youth.


Daily Life

Nearly all families make a living with agriculture. Maize, banana and cassava are the main crops. As production levels are low, most children have only one or two meals a day. Diet is not very nutritious. Some families make additional income by selling chickens, goats or sheep. On average families consist of six to eight members.


A promising future for children

We are committed to provide children with better opportunities for their future. This is done by setting up self-help groups. A self-help group consists of 15-20 men and women. The groups receive training. Agriculture training for example contributes to better and higher yields. With the help of Africa Edusa theses groups also initiate income generating activities. By having a group saving account members are able to borrow money which they can use for example for the payment of school fees and medicine. We also work together with local government to improve the provision of education, healthcare and adherence to child rights. 


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