Agricultural Program / Community / Women 


This project involved in the field of agronomy and in particular in plant productivity. Give work to the people of the area and encourage their development. Being a medium-term project, we are advancing according to the resources available to us. 


In 2006, 10 hectares of land in the village of Sole (Cameroon) were purchased with the donations of the members of AFRICA EDUSA.


In 2009 the preparation of the field for the cultivation of palm oil (one of the staples of the African diet) began. 


In May 2010, the work of planting palm trees started. the maintenance of the field and monitoring of plant growth to finally obtain palm oil will last 5 years until the time of the collection of fruits starts, thus ending the first phase of the project. 


On the 12/07/2017, the palm oil plantation was given to a community development group called "Comité de devéloppement de Loum Chantiers-Cie". This Association will use the income received from the palm oil plantation to fund many of our projects in Cameroon.


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