Health Program / Community Development


This project aims to strengthen the health system in the region of Littoral Cameroon through the construction and implementation of a Health Centre.


The first phase of the project was focuses on the construction of infrastructure and the equipment of the building for adequate staff and patients’ reception. The first phase of the project began in January 2010 with the construction of infrastructure and the inauguration of the project in November 2014. The construction of infrastructure was co-funded by the self-help program of the US Embassy in Yaoundé,  by locals donors in Cameroon, and by AFRICA EDUSA.

Our goal is to improve healthcare in vulnerable regions by:


  • Promoting health, sexual rights, and access to family planning

  • Fighting malnutrition

  • Fighting HIV/AIDS

  • Fighting malaria

  • Fighting tuberculosis

  • Fighting neglected tropical diseases

  • Fighting (re)emerging infectious diseases

  • Fighting zoonoses under the One Health approach

Installation of an ultrasound unit

In October 2016 an Ultrasound unit was set up in our humanitarian health centre in Loum Chantiers-Cie. The staff was properly trained in how to use the ultrasound machine. The health centre received this machine as a donation from the chairperson of AFRICA EDUSA. Many patients have already been diagnosed including pregnant women and patients who came for abdominal or chest ultrasound.    


How to help

If you would like to Volunteer  in international health cooperation program in Sub Saharan Africa and you are a health professional you can cooperate in one of our humanitarian health centres where as a nurse, doctor or Lab technician you will help to provide humanitarian medicine. 

Our strategy is to promote enhancing fragile health systems, particularly in Cameroon, through support for sustainable health financing based on solidarity, training of competent and motivated personnel, and the development of reliable health information systems.

Principles and values

Solidarity: sharing medical progress, providing expertise and improving access to healthcare.

Aid effectiveness: coordinating with national strategies and systems, coordinating with donors, harmonizing procedures, mutual responsibility, and developing management focused on performance.


  • Renowned medical expertise.

  • A well established and developed health cooperation network.

  • Pioneering AFRICA EDUSA in humanitarian medicine.

  • commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  • Promotion of innovative financing for health.


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AFRICA EDUSA is a charity registered in Scotland, charity number SC 047585



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